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Upgrade AOL Mail by Accessing it With Windows Live Mail

  If you are facing any issue regarding AOL with your internet   service provider , you can   still use your email account with any internet connection.. This is especially useful if you have been using the account for work or have a number of personal contacts that know you through your older username or address. Like Hotmail and Yahoo, you can now use your American Online email account online from any computer connected to the internet, but you can also add your AOL email to even more convenient desktop programs like Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail. Getting a Windows Live Account While Outlook Express is a great desktop option, if you are looking to integrate all your contacts, email accounts and calendars in real time to you PC and cell phone, then Windows Live Mail is the best option. If you don't already have a Windows Live Account then you can get one by visiting the Windows Live Account Setup site . If you have a Hotmail or Windows Messenger account you already

How to Download & Install AOL Desktop Gold?

  AOL is a well known American-based web portal and online service provider. The AOL Desktop Gold is one of the best software services offered by AOL. It is the updated version of the AOL Desktop. It is an all-in-one and easy-to-use desktop that includes browsing, mail, and search content and advanced security features.  In addition to this, the  AOL desktop Gold  can get updated automatically and replace the older version. Along with its outstanding features, the Download and installation process of AOL Desktop is easy and straightforward. Moreover, to make it more convenient, we have given the step-by-step procedures to download and install the Desktop Gold in Windows and Mac. System Requirements Before beginning with the download and installation process of AOL Desktop Gold, it is necessary for all the users to ensure that they have at least 512 MB of free space in the hard drive of their system.  Note : For Windows users, it is necessary to make sure that they have windows 7 or a n

How to Set Up AOL Email in Microsoft Outlook 2010

  You can make your AOL email account in your Microsoft Outlook 2010 for sending or getting messages. To ensure that you  do not  have Microsoft Outlook issues during the system, we have  provided you this free Microsoft Outlook 2010  support . It will  definitely help you  to setup  Microsoft Outlook for your AOL mail  account.   Steps are given below: Ø Open Outlook either from your Desktop or from the Start button> All Programs. Snap the tab and enter the Info. You will see your account details under Info.  If you want another AOL email account, click Add Account. This will  bring you to the Add New Account window. In the Name field, enter your name. Enter a  correct AOL email address in the E-mail Address box and  as well as password in the Password field. Ø Click the button beside Manually configure server settings or additional server types and hit the Next button. Click the Internet E-mail button and hit Next. When in Internet E-mail Settings, enter your name and email addres