How to Set Up AOL Email in Microsoft Outlook 2010


You can make your AOL email account in your Microsoft Outlook 2010 for sending or getting messages. To ensure that you  do not  have Microsoft Outlook issues during the system, we have  provided you this free Microsoft Outlook 2010  support . It will  definitely help you  to setup  Microsoft Outlook for your AOL mail  account.


Steps are given below:

Ø Open Outlook either from your Desktop or from the Start button> All Programs. Snap the tab and enter the Info. You will see your account details under Info.  If you want another AOL email account, click Add Account. This will  bring you to the Add New Account window. In the Name field, enter your name. Enter a  correct AOL email address in the E-mail Address box and  as well as password in the Password field.

Ø Click the button beside Manually configure server settings or additional server types and hit the Next button. Click the Internet E-mail button and hit Next. When in Internet E-mail Settings, enter your name and email address under User Information.


Ø Under Server Information, click to select IMAP from the drop-down arrow beside Account Type and fill the incoming & outgoing server information. Type '' (without quotes) in the Incoming Mail Server box while '' in the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) box. Under Logon Information, enter your name and email address in the relevant boxes.


Ø Check the Remember Password bo GO to  More Settings button. Feature the Outgoing Server tab and check the container next to My active worker (SMTP) requires confirmation.  GO to Advanced tab and enter '587' in the Outgoing (SMTP) box. Click the OK button. You will  be back to the Add New Account window If you keen  to test your settings before close  the window, click the Test Account Settings button.


Ø Microsoft Outlook will test your AOL account settings and react accordingly. If your testing is successful you will get a configuration message. If the testing fail message occur, click the OK  button and go back to settings for review your settings again.

Ø Check the port number also for the SMTP server. In case you have forgotten your password  Contact AOL and request it.



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